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IT World Canada 5.12.2005 IGF keeps U.S. control over Internet, says analyst
The Register 5.12.2005 Bush administration control will cause net to split
The Register 2.12.2005 Read the letter that won the internet governance battle
Slate 29.11.2005 Who Controls the Internet? (Why it doesn't matter if the United States is in charge)
КАПИТАЛ (Bulgaria) 22.11.2005 И вълците доволни, и интернет цял
Computer World 22.11.2005 WSIS - Some open-source boosters see missed chance
The Moscow Times 22.11.2005 U.S. Retains Control of Internet
Information Today 21.10.2005 WSIS: Internet Governance Forum Endorsed by World Leaders
The Financial Express (India) 21.22.2005 Expecting the US to give up control is unrealistic
The Economist 19.11.2005 A peace of sorts
Japan Today 17.11.2005 Annan calls for open information society at World Summit
The Hindu 17.11.2005 U.S. retains hold on Internet
The Guardian 16.11.2005 Internet battle ends in stalemate
BBC News 16.11.2005 US retains hold of the internet
The Times, UK 16.11.2005 Tunis talks find internet compromise
Herald Tribune 16.11.2005 Compromise reached in Tunis on Internet control
The New York Times 16.11.2005 A Compromise of Sorts on Internet Control
CNN 16.11.2005 Deal averts Internet showdown
Silican 16.11.2005 U.S. claims victory in Internet fight, but others not so sure
Globe and Mail 16.11.2005 Text on Internet governance watered down
Sydney Morning Herald 15.11.2005 Negotiators reach net governance deal
SABC 15.11.2005 African lobby successfully persuade rich nations
The Economist 15.11.2005 A tussle over America’s internet hegemony
Wired News 15.11.2005 Net Dust Storm Blows Into Tunis
c|net 11.11.2005 Newsmaker: Internet showdown in Tunis
Build up to WSIS II    
International Herald Tribune 13.11.2005 Tug of war over Net at Tunis summit
Washington Post 12.11.2005 Keep the Internet Free
Wall Street Journal 21.11.2005 Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Fox News 10.11.2005 Who Should Control the Internet?
San Fransisco Chronical 8.11.2005 U.S. dominance of World Wide Web could spur backlash at U.N. summit
Foreign Policy 8.11.2005 Seven Questions: Battling for Control of the Internet
Inter Press Service 8.11.2005 Journalists Fear a "Looming Storm"
Reuters 7.11.2005 EU optimistic over wider governance of Internet
The Wshington Post 5.11.2005 The U.N. Isn't a Threat to the Net
Le Monde diplomatique 1.11.2005 The spider in the web
The Hindu 26.10.2005 Internet governance and development
Hindustan Times 26.10.2005 Netting the empire
The Wall Street Journal 25.10.2005 How the Web Was Run
The New York Times 23.10.2005 Web of the Free
Washington Internet Daily 19.10.2005 Internet Could Face 'Grave Threat' at WSIS, Lawmaker Says
The Boston Globe 17.10.2005 Don't give UN control over Internet
The Wall Street Journal 17.10.2005 e-Meddling
Computer Business Review 14.10.2005 Who Really Runs the Internet?
The Washington Times 10.10.2005 U.S. dominance in Internet regulation under fire
The Economist 8.10.2005 The battle to control the Internet
The Economist 8.10.2005 America rules OK
Wall Street Journal 9.10.2005 The World Wide Web (of Bureaucrats?)
The New York Sun 11.10.2005 Keep the United Nations Away From the Internet
IEEE Internet Computing 10.2005 Governance Debate Enters New Phase
Christain Science Monitor 16.9.2005 UN control of internet? Try again
On WGIG    
Computer World 23.11.2005 WYSIWYG guide to WSIS
CBS NEWS 28.9.2005 World Wide (Web) Takeover
IT- avisen COMon 30.9.2005 Nettets fremtid til debat i Århus
Computer Business Review 30.9.2005 Internet governance meeting appears deadlocked
CNN 30.9.2005 U.S. insists on controlling Web
BBC 30.9.2005 US rejects changes to net control
Business Week 30.9.2005 EU wants international control of Internet
International Herald Tribune 29.9.2005 EU tries to unblock Internet impasse
The Washington Times 27.9.2005 U.S. tells nations hands off Internet
Intellectual Property Watch 22.9.2005 Interview With Markus Kummer, Head, U.N. Working Group On Internet Governance
Washington Internet Daily 13.9.2005 Read My Lips; No New Internet Governance at U.N., Gross Says
Business Line 5.9.2005 Shall we share the Net?
IPS News 13.9.2005 No Agreement on Internet Governance
Gulf News 15.8.2005 Who should control the internet?
New Scientist 22.8.2005 Who runs the internet? (Letter to the Editor)
New Scientist 31.7.2005 Calls to end US domination of the internet
Information Week 25.7.2005 Business Technology: U.N. Snatches Internet; Tomorrow All IT?
The Washington Times 21.7.2005 A ludicrous U.N. idea
Aljazeera 12.7.2005 Internet Governance
MSN 14.7.2005 U.S. to retain oversight of Web traffic
UN News Centre 22.6.2005 Ahead of information summit, UN panel readies report on Internet for Annan
WorldNet Daily 22.2.2005 U.N. to control use of Internet?
24 Horas 23.2.2005 Discrepancias en el grupo de estudio la ONU sobre la Red por los derechos de autor
IT World 12.11.2005 UN creates Internet governance working group
The Industry Standard, CA 12.11.2004 UN creates Internet governance working group
MacCentral Online 12.11.2004 U.N. creates Internet governance working group
Press Releases  
20.04.2005   Third Meeting of WGIG: Focus on key public policy issues (for the html version, click here)
13.04.2005 Working Group on Internet Governance To Meet in Geneva, 18-20 April 2005
21.02.2005  Internet Governance Discuss IP addresses, Root Server Systems, submits PreWorking Group on Internet Goveliminary Report
10.02.2005   Working Group on Internet Governance To Discuss Policy Issues and Priorities, Internet Security, Access for All
25.11.2004 Working Group on Internet Governance Concludes First Meeting in Geneva
11.11.2004  United Nations establishes Working Group on Internet Governance (for the French version, click here)
21.09.2004 Consultations on setting up the Working Group on Internet Governance conclude in Geneva (for the French version, click here)

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